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Weekend update
Made bread yesterday. White bread this week; makes a change from the wholemeal I’ve been making recently.

I thought this week’s Dr Who was a little disappointing. The cast and setting were good, but the story was trite, the characters were weakly drawn, and it really shouldn’t have been a two-parter.

Swimming this morning: no fire alarm this week, and there was hot water in the showers, so we’ll count it as a success.

We had Turkish-style food for lunch today, to go along with the Turkish F1. (Well, Turkish food in as much as it matched our idea of what Turkish food might be like, without us doing anything like research.) My homemade houmous was amusingly garlicky. Maybe it will be mellower tomorrow. Kate made some vegetable kebabs and some falafal. The race was pretty exciting too, with some good overtaking.

Andrew made pies for our tea tonight. He found some pastie-makers that he’d never used, so we folded fillings into puff pastry: cheesy vegetables in half of them, and potato and pea curry in the others. It worked rather well. Pies are good.

Then back home to watch Lewis and to eat chelsea buns, hot from the oven. For a change I sprinkled sugar crystals on top, rather than the sugar syrup that I’ve used previously. It worked pretty well, and was a bit more like the chelsea buns I remember from bakers as I grew up in Nottingham.