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Safari Reader
With all the excitement about new iPhones and iOS 4 being announced by Apple yesterday, it may be easy to miss the release of Safari 5. But it has some good improvements - JavaScript speed, HTML5 support, and an extension system - and one compelling new feature: Safari Reader.

Safari Reader displays the content of a suitable web page, while ignoring the clutter around it (links, adverts, menus, headers, comments). It also stitches together multi-part articles. So far it has worked well on content I've viewed on The Register, LiveJournal, the BBC News site, and The Spectator. I think I'll get into the habit of hitting command-shift-R to go into reader mode whenever I view a web page.

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That sounds like Readability. Good for Apple if they can make it acceptable; I suspect that's the type of "innovation" that would bring howls of legal protest if certain other companies tried it on.

Yes, it looks rather similar. Of course, we may see websites sabotaging it by messing up the markup of their pages.

The Register cover the feature with some comments on legal issues.


Ha! My third reply to your comment. Turns out it is actually based on the Readability code.


That just shows what a fine quality comment it was. :-)

I've enjoyed reading your replies.

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