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Cross-posting from LJ to Twitter
For some time I've wanted to post a notification on Twitter whenever I update my LJ. Some other blogging systems have built-in support for Twitter, but with LJ we're stuck with using a third-party tool.

I found a service called twitterfeed.com. After creating an account using my LJ OpenID, it allows one or more RSS or Atom newsfeeds to be specified (LJ feeds are of the form username.livejournal.com/data/atom), and it then posts any updates to Twitter. It seems to work well, and was very easy to set up.

No idea how they make any money from providing the service, though.

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I tried it and found it didn't seem to work reliably (I used the RSS feed rather than Atom). Maybe I got a false impression?

I'm now trying Feedburner (Google) but haven't really posted since setting it up recently.

Seems good based on my limited experience, but it has only cross-posted four items so far. Maybe I’m in for a big disappointment!

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