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Badgers and foxes
With the Welsh badger cull about to go ahead, and calls from Boris for a cull of urban foxes, should we be looking for culling costs to be recouped through the sale of badger-head sporrans and fox-fur hats?

They could be the fashion hit of 2010.

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I've heard there's good eating on a fox. No idea about badgers. I have a business idea....

You think there might be a world-wide market for Welsh brock and leek sausages?

We tried the Welsh Dragon Sausages (*)

(*) Contain no actual dragon.

Contain no actual dragon

That’s what they told you! I’m sure they were actually a by-product of the 2009 dragon cull.

See, that's the disappointing part: no actual dragons. Kind of like how Girl Scout cookies don't contain Girl Scouts. ;)

Edited at 2010-06-09 10:49 pm (UTC)

That depends how careful they are with their kitchen knives while making the cookies.

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