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The Sea Wolves
Kate and I watched The Sea Wolves this evening, a 1980 war film starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven, and a large cast of older British actors. It is based on the true story of a reserve regiment made up of expats, the Calcutta Light Horse, attacking German ships in a neutral harbour in Portuguese Goa during WWII.

Despite being set in 1943, much of the film looks straight out of the 1970s. It would be hard to claim that this is a good film, but it is entertaining, and contains many familiar faces. Kate pointed out that when she worked as a dental assistant she had two of the cast as patients, one in London and one in Frome.

There was a splendid scene with Peck, Moore, Niven, and Patrick Macnee, all looking deeply disreputable on a dockside, just before stealing an Indian riverboat. Joy.