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Seven years ago I bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals, to wear to a Roman feast at Andrew’s house. (What else does one wear with a toga?) They became my regular shoes for wearing around the house and garden, and for walking into town. Seven years later they are beginning to fall apart; the soles are heavily worn and the heels are crumbling. So when I passed by Country Casuals on Market Street I couldn’t resist seeing if they had some replacements, and I was delighted to find exactly the same kind of Birkenstocks that I’d bought seven years ago. I walked home wearing the new sandals, happy with the thought that I’ll be buying another pair in seven years time.

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Did you know you can send them in and have the soles replaced? This way you don't have to break in a new pair! I have to get mine sent it, but keep forgetting. :)

I didn’t know that! I found info about repairs on the Birkenstock web site, so I’ll get my old ones sent away. The order form is printing out as I type this…

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