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After a busy day in the office, I had dinner out with colleagues at Beiderbeckes Bistro in Dundee. I had a rather pleasant dish described as stir-fried vegetables on a bed of pakoras, in a pepper sauce. The company was good too, and I drank lots of ginger beer.

I noticed in today’s Daily Politics that Andrew Neil has discovered a genuine use for a vuvuzela — interrupting politicians when they give evasive answers.

Beth had a school trip to Edinburgh today. She was very excited; they went to Butterfly World and the Museum of Childhood.

I had a root around on Spotify, and spent my driving today listening to Pete Townshend’s 1980 solo album Empty Glass. Very enjoyable. I’m quite taken by the piano in the song And I Moved.

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Sounds very pleasant. But does it have the music to match?

The walls of the restaurant were covered in pictures of jazz greats. But the music was nearer easy listening. One of our party identified Michael Bublé being played; I don’t know his work.

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