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Toothless wonder
Beth’s two front bottom teeth have been wobbly for a few weeks now. The highlight of today’s BBQ was when one of them came out, while she was eating a nectarine. She was delighted and somewhat shocked; this is her first tooth to fall out, but several of her school friends already have missing teeth.

Once she’d calmed down, she had a good long phone conversation with my parents — obviously there is a lot to chat about when a tooth falls out.
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And you need to work out what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is ;)

Funnily enough, I’ve just had a conversation with Kate along those lines. We came to the conclusion that a pound coin would be best.

Was delighted to overhear Beth’s phone conversation with my mother about the tooth fairy; Beth said that she wasn’t sure whether the tooth fairy was real or whether it was me & Kate. I like the uncertainty.

Watch for a scam I tried once if you keep the teeth. I found where my mother had, and claimed another one had fallen out !

I should point out that the reason she went scurrying into the house was to find a mirror and not that she was upset.

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