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Kate and Beth on the dodgems at the Lammas Market.

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"Dodgems" is that how you call it? I wonder where it comes from. You see where I'm from (I won't say it's a French thing because it may very well be localised to the area I grew up) we call bumper cars something specific too, which got me wondering.

Haven't been in one for ages though, is there a faire in St Andrews or something?

I believe that “Dodgems” was originally a brand name, but it is now a generic term for bumper cars. As far as I know it is the usual name for them in the UK.

The Lammas Market takes place in St Andrews every August, with fairground rides and stalls filling the streets in the centre of town. I believe it is the oldest surviving medieval street fair in Scotland. Quite amusing seeing big, scary-looking rides whizzing around between all the old stone buildings.

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