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For sale: Mac Mini £250
Apple Mac Mini for sale, model A1176. The spec on the underside reads MAC MINI 1.83/2x512/80/COMBO/AP/BT — GBR.

Includes the Mac Mini and its 110W power supply (model A1188). The Mac works with standard USB keyboards and mice, and has a DVI port for video. Adapters are available for connecting VGA, HDMI, etc.

Good condition, works well.

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: Mac mini
Model Identifier: Macmini2,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 1.83 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 2 MB
Memory: 1 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MM21.009A.B00
SMC Version (system): 1.19f2
Serial Number (system): YM83923RYL1
Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-001FF34583BC

ATA Bus:

Revision: DACK
Serial Number:
Detachable Drive: No
Protocol: ATAPI
Unit Number: 0
Socket Type: Internal
Low Power Polling: Yes
Power Off: No

Intel High Definition Audio:

Device ID: 0x83847680
Audio ID: 8
Available Devices:
Headphone: Connection: Combo
Speaker: Connection: Internal
Line In: Connection: Combo
S/P-DIF Out: Connection: Combo
S/P-DIF In: Connection: Combo


Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 2.3.1f4
Hardware Settings:
Address: 00-22-41-d6-db-82
Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio
Firmware Version: 1965
Bluetooth Power: On
Discoverable: Yes
Vendor ID: 0x5ac
Product ID: 0x8205
HCI Version: 3 (0x3)
HCI Revision: 1965 (0x7ad)
LMP Version: 3 (0x3)
LMP Subversion: 1965 (0x7ad)
Device Type (Major): Computer
Device Type (Complete): Macintosh Desktop
Composite Class Of Device: 3670276 (0x380104)
Device Class (Major): 1 (0x1)
Device Class (Minor): 1 (0x1)
Service Class: 448 (0x1c0)
Requires Authentication: No

Disc Burning:


Firmware Revision: DACK
Interconnect: ATAPI
Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
Cache: 2048 KB
Reads DVD: Yes
CD-Write: -R, -RW
Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw

Ethernet Cards:

Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8053 Singleport Copper SA:

Name: ethernet
Type: Ethernet Controller
Bus: PCI
Vendor ID: 0x11ab
Device ID: 0x4362
Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x11ab
Subsystem ID: 0x5321
Revision ID: 0x0022
Link Width: x1
BSD name: en0


Intel GMA 950:

Chipset Model: GMA 950
Type: GPU
Bus: Built-In
VRAM (Total): 64 MB of Shared System Memory
Vendor: Intel (0x8086)
Device ID: 0x27a2
Revision ID: 0x0003

Memory Slots:

ECC: Disabled


Size: 512 MB
Speed: 667 MHz
Status: OK
Manufacturer: 0xAD00000000000000
Part Number: 0x48594D503536345336344350362D59352020
Serial Number: 0x00006242


Size: 512 MB
Speed: 667 MHz
Status: OK
Manufacturer: 0xAD00000000000000
Part Number: 0x48594D503536345336344350362D59352020
Serial Number: 0x00005245


Intel ICH7-M AHCI:

Vendor: Intel
Product: ICH7-M AHCI
Link Speed: 1.5 Gigabit
Negotiated Link Speed: 1.5 Gigabit
Description: AHCI Version 1.10 Supported

Hitachi HTS542580K9SA00:

Capacity: 80.03 GB (80,026,361,856 bytes)
Model: Hitachi HTS542580K9SA00
Revision: BBBAC3GP
Serial Number: 080916BB2B10WFJGZH5A
Native Command Queuing: Yes
Queue Depth: 32
Removable Media: No
Detachable Drive: No
BSD Name: disk0
Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified


Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x86)
Firmware Version: Atheros 5424:
Locale: ETSI
Country Code:
Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 a/b/g
Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

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I'm *so* glad you weren't selling this last year!

I was seriously looked at getting a Mac to do some software development for conventions (and potentially for iPhone apps) ... *now* I realise I don't have the money or the spare time :-)

I'm very glad not to be selling you another computer to add to your clutter!

"have two, they're small" ... :-)

I have several older computers that I need to figure out what to do with ... but nothing recent. I got a couple of old work machines from years back (I think one is a Pentium Dual core which puts it between the Pentium 4 and the Core 2 Duo in terms of power, so slow by modern limits but probably faster than my main 2.4Ghz P4 home machine), otherwise I've got a couple of Celeron desktops and an AMD Athlon 2000 (which I think dates back to about 2002))

Our Mac Mini sits in the hi-fi stack, and talks to the flat screen TV via HDMI. It has a wireless keyboard and mouse, but runs Plex all the time, pulling music and video over the network, is is mostly controlled by an iPhone app.

I just love technology ... :)

You *swine* ... :-)

I *do* have room on the hifi rack ... what I don't have is a flat screen TV or *anything* that speaks/uses HDMI.

And I *do* have an iPhone ...


We only have a flat screen telly because South Western Electricity put a power spike through the house in Bristol, destroying television, amp and Pete's lovely old irreplaceable Bowers and Wilkins speakers :( (we got new ones but they're not the same). The insurance company paid for it all.

Of course, Apple make a DVI to composite/S-Video adapter.


Hello! Wandered over from a selling comm :) I was wondering, if this hasn't gone yet, how much you reckon it would cost to post? If it is indeed postable! I'm in Bristol. Thanks!

It’s certainly postable! The Mac Mini is quite small, and I can imagine that it would happily survive the Royal Mail after being smothered in bubblewrap. The Mac weighs about 1300g, and the power supply about 800g. Adding these together puts us in the 2kg—10kg price range for Special Delivery, which is a rather eye-watering £21.65.

Posting the Mac separately from its power supply would give postages of £8.65 and £6.70 with Special Delivery, totalling a still pricy £15.35. Looking at ParcelForce, their express48 with additional insurance would cost £18.

Don’t know whether those prices are ok for you; I’m open to suggestions for most cost-effective ways of posting it (assuming they have tracking and insurance).

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