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City of Death
I’ve been working from home all week. While her mother was out at the aquarobics class at the Fairmont this morning, I suggested to Beth that she choose a Dr Who DVD to watch. After much dithering (including some face-pulling at the thought any stories featuring Sarah-Jane), she selected City of Death. Although Beth has seen it before, that was some time ago, and I don’t think she remembered much of it. While she was watching the episodes, she repeatedly came through to tell me all the exciting stuff that was going on. I think we may have a new favourite.

She wasn’t too keen on Duggan though. She still has much to learn.

Then I was very brave and let Beth trot off by herself to the play park behind our house. A six-year-old needs some independence!

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(Deleted comment)
I remember watching it when it was first broadcast, and it bears repeated watching on DVD. Shows what benefits are brought to Dr Who by a witty script and a real actor as the villain.

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