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Obsolescent BMW
The analogue television transmitter serving Dundee and north Fife was turned off today, making Dundee Scotland's first "digital city" according to the BBC news story. The antediluvian analogue television receiver built into my car is of no further use. The Digital UK web site didn't have anything to say about in-car television. Maybe I need to buy a new car.
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You might still be able to get a signal from the Durris transmitter - for about another month. Then it's definitely time for a new car, I'm afraid.

Exactly ...

... and give me the old BMW ... no-one will want it with an analogue TV screen, and you'll only have to pay to scrap it ... ;-)

There are little digital receivers that fit in a scart plug and probably are powered from a wall wart, one of those (with a suitable aerial) might actually work with the car set, if there's a video in ... but obviously not with the BMW software.

Or upgrade for *only* £900!

or at unlisted prices

Edited at 2010-08-19 06:52 am (UTC)

Wow! It’s good to know the upgrade is available, but at that price, it is quite unavailable!

Yes, I can still receive BBC2 perfectly and 5 with static on analogue :)

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