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Beach towel
Yesterday Andrew took Beth and me on a shopping trip to Dundee. On the way we popped into the Fordelhill farm shop near Drumoig, which we pass by while commuting to work, but hadn’t stopped at till now. Then we went on to Matthew’s chinese supermarket in Dundee. I picked up a bottle of Heinz ABC Sweet Sauce, an oddly pleasing Indonesian sweet soy sauce with a texture like molasses.

After a stuffy and crowded trip to M&S to buy some school socks for Beth, and a comparatively refreshing time in Slaters Menswear as Andrew bought a new shirt, we had lunch at Jimmy Chungs, then headed out on the Arbroath road to Sainsbury’s to do a grocery shop (it makes a change from our usual St Andrews shopping in Tescos or Morrisons).

I bought eight litres of Irn Bru, which came with an Irn Bru beach towel. Joy!

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(Deleted comment)
I am torn between appreciating the familiarity of going to the same supermarket each week, and the interest of shopping in a supermarket with an unfamiliar layout and a different product range.

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