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Belgian buns
After a morning spent sorting and scanning paperwork in preparation for this quarter’s VAT return, I enjoyed the Grand Prix at Spa. What a pretty circuit, with its hills and forests. And what an exciting race. I think rain should be compulsory for F1 — the races are so much more fun when the weather is unpredictable.

We had a picnic lunch in front of the television, with Belgian wheat beer accompanying our bread and cheese, and Belgian buns to follow. (Not sure that Belgian buns are Belgian in anything but name, but the taste is good!) Some Belgian sea-shell chocolates came later, and Beth ate most of them.

Next up is Monza in a fortnight. We’ll have no problem finding Italian food and drink to go along with the race.

Beth and I had a good swim at the Fairmont before tea. She is getting very confident and independent in the water. My parents will be visiting us next Sunday, so they’ll be able to join us for our weekly swim.