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The BBC has been covering the story of the proposed Floridian Koran burning with footage of some middle-eastern folk burning an American flag. Could the BBC be inviting us to draw a parallel? Burning a national flag and burning a religious book are both calculated insults. Burning symbolic items is a common form of protest, in the USA, in the middle east, and around the world.

It strikes me that attaching meaning to the destruction of commonly available, factory-made products like books or flags is futile; these items are abused and destroyed, whether purposefully or not, all the time. I wonder whether all of the fuss was some kind of publicity stunt.

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So what about if I burnt a copy of the Koran wrapped in an American flag... would I make the news?

It makes me wonder whether we should enact the annual ceremonial burning of an effigy of a Catholic at your bonfire party. The guy could be sitting on your bonfire with a bible in one hand, a koran in the other, and an American flag draped around his shoulders.

If we were doing it in a professionally humourous manner, that would be ok by Apple's standards.

So we need a bonfire app ready in time for October with options of toppings.
- Catholic
- Witch
- Koran
- Bible
- Flag (with choice of countries)
- Political figure (with choice of party rosette and faces, if we can get photo clearance)
- Marshmallows

This work?
What have I missed?

Hmm I think it probably was done with the aim of other people noticing. I suppose that it defines the power of symbols that they do represent something larger in the public mind.

It is strange then in that light that we do still commemorate the burning of real live Catholics ourselves. Clearly a calculated act to incite violence becomes a cuddly tradition some time between nine years and four hundred and five years after the original event.


In order to become a cuddly tradition it needs to have a specific foodstuff associated with it. Then it will have it’s hold upon our culture. Almost all of our national traditions are associated with particular foods.

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