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Hatted userheads
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
LiveJournal, all your sins are forgiven now that I can have a hat on my userhead. (Gosh, yesterday I didn’t even know that they were called userheads.)

I hadn’t noticed until today that LiveJournal has an option for “Scotland” in the profile page country list. Previously I was in “United Kingdom”; odd that they have Scotland but neither England nor Wales in the list.

Watching more Avengers this evening. We’re in the middle of the 1967 series now. Joy.

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I was quite pleased myself.

Was surprised you went for the top hat — I thought the bowler-hatted userhead looked a bit more you. But one has to appreciate the formality. It will give your LJ a bit of class!

I considered the bowler but I liked the topper better; and I do occasionally wear one of those too.

$1.99 for a bunch of pixels? You can get kick-ass Android apps for less than that

$1.99 worked out at £1.30 through Paypal. Less than a packet of crisps. Less than half a pint of fizzy pop in the pub.

And it's a hat!

It cost me two $1 tokens that I had anyway and could only spend on LJ intangible benefits.

But you are already wearing a hat in your picture..? Perhaps this is the sort of income which might have saved Xmarks...

One pound thirty for half a pint of lemonade - I imagine that this pub was not in Berkshire.


Gosh yes, if only Xmarks had a hat-based business plan.

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