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Holiday nearly over
I’m back to work on Monday. This is the first time in years that I’ve taken a fortnight of holiday. While I was contracting I took no more than a week at a time, to avoid losing too much income. And it’s been a fortnight of holiday at home. We’ve had visitors — Mary Frost and Mary W-K stayed over Xmas, and my parents visited earlier this week — but I’ve appreciated having a holiday that didn’t involve travelling.

Pizza for tea tonight. The dough is rising at the moment, and tomato sauce is bubbling in a pan. Homemade pizza is my favourite Saturday tea. Tonight it’ll be topped with a mixture of mozzarella and red leicester.

For the holiday I’d bought a couple of five-litre mini-casks of Marston’s Pedigree, which went down nicely. A civilised way to buy and serve beer. While moving house last year, my parents found a small pewter tankard that I’d been given as a christening present from my uncle. They brought it up to me when they visited this week; I happily supped the last of the real ale from it.

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Hard to beat a good pizza - that one sounds pretty good, how did it come out?

Probably the best I've had was a little Italian restaurant in London - very, very light and fluffy crust, with just a thin smear of a garlic tomato sauce. Not quite a pizza, really, but delicious.

Gosh yes, pretty decent pizzas. And leftovers for the following day too.

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