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Oh dear, Andrew has started playing Angry Birds. We may have lost him.

It is a bit like Boom Blox, but without the the 3D. I knew that 3D graphics were just a fad…

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I didn't know you can play Angry Birds on Lap Tops!

But the physics in Angry Birds is rubbish!!

I’m sure physics was just a fad too…

Can you please tell that to some of our politicians over here? I think they need to go about debunking the "theory" of gravity a bit more...

I don't think you understand. There are birds. And pigs. And they're cuuuuuuuuuuute and funny. What is this physics you speak of?

(P.S. got a degree in it years ago, in case it's not clear whether I'm serious...)
(P.P.S. Also never played Angry Birds, although I've seen it once.)

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