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Road tax
£245. Ugh. It hurts every time.

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Get a car with CO2 emissions < 100g/Km, those pay £0 in road tax

A new car is rather pricey! And hard to justify, when we have a car that works well.

Would be nice, but I don't believe anyone yet makes a 4x4 that meets that threshold! And yes, in Shropshire we do need a 4x4.

With pot holes in the post-thaw Fife and Tayside roads, I’m wondering whether a 4x4 is the best option here too!

Painful isn't it - hikes in road tax, fuel duty and VAT... government misses the fact that in many locations car driving is not optional.

Government is always by city-dwellers, for city-dwellers. Large cities are a poor model for the country as a whole, with their high-density populations and good public transport, yet that is our political and media elites are based.

At least the coalition at Westminster and the the SNP at Holyrood have out-of-town seats; the previous Labour administrations had no connection with the countryside.

St. Andrews has good public transport; maybe not quite at city levels, but try living in the real country! Where I grew up we were lucky that there was a public bus service - it went into town full of school kids for a 9 o'clock start, and left town in the afternoon at 4 (i.e. no use for anyone with a job).

You must have a much bigger car than I do! My yearly rate was £125 in September.

A seven-year-old BMW 530d. An estate car with a 3-litre diesel engine; not worth much now, but well-looked after it will have years of use ahead.

We are currently doing around 4,000 miles per year. I can’t see it making any sense to scrap a working car in order to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

I don’t like the taxation system penalising me for being frugal.

But it is a large car. I have a 11-year-old (as of March 2011) VW Lupo, which is older than your car, but it's smaller in terms of overall size and engine size as well. It gets good mileage, holds more than many people think and accelerates pretty quickly for a one-litre engine. She also performs quite well in snow, ice and potholes. I like her. :)

I can't afford to replace her yet with anything newer, so I guess I'm fortunate that the tax rate is relatively low for me.

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