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Coalition or Conservative-led?
Unite for Freedom
Labour’s new spin doctor, Tom Baldwin, has asked media organisations to refer to the Westminster government as “Conservative-led”, rather than “coalition”.

Poll #1669374 Calling the government names

How should the media refer to the Westminster government?


How do you refer to the government?

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Everyone uses spin, though.

The phrase 'spin doctor', rather than 'Director of Strategy and Communications'. The phrases use are intended to make a point, one way or another.

“Spin doctor” is the term commonly used by the media to refer to Baldwin. Since the term is used across the political spectrum, I don’t think it is necessarily pejorative.

I think it _is_ a perjorative. Not necessarily unfair, but just saying ;)

How we phrase things is always an indication of what we really mean. Hence why I've not bothered on voting on how we should refer to the current Government.

Was amused that last month’s Guardian news story about the appointment of Baldwin to Miliband’s team called him Labour’s “principal media strategist”, and didn’t use the phrase “spin doctor” in the article.

It was there in the URL, though:

Edited at 2011-01-18 09:03 pm (UTC)

My comment tends to cut across party lines, btw. ;)

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