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Transport priorities
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
There are many competing demands for spending on transport. Duallling the A9 is being debated at Holyrood again, the Edinburgh tram project has had well-known difficulties, and there have been suggestions that should the Leuchars airbase close, it could be reborn as a commercial airport. But what should the government spend our money on?

Poll #1670132 Transport Scotland

What should the government spend its transport budget on?

Bail out the Edinburgh trams
Dual the A9 to Inverness
Reconnect St Andrews to the rail network
Fix all these damned potholes
Develop Leuchars into a commercial airport

Or what would your priority be?

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Oh, the potholes have been hellish around Dundee.

Andrew had the tracking adjusted on his car today; might well have been potholes that caused the problem.

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