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Fairmont spa members’ evening
Fairmont Spa Members’ Evening
As members of the spa at the Fairmont, kateaw and I attended the spa members’ event this evening. It should have been a Christmas party, but was delayed into January. It took the form of a dinner/dance — there was a hot buffet, followed by a ceilidh.

As vegetarians, we aren’t surprised to find restricted choices with buffets, particularly if the veggie main course is something we’re not keen on, but we can usually fill up with potatoes and vegetables. Tonight didn’t work well for us. The veggie option was a goats’ cheese tart, containing Mediterranean veg, and the vegetable side dish was… mixed Mediterranean veg. I’m not particularly keen on peppers, and Kate can eat neither goats’ cheese nor aubergines. And the potato dish contained bacon, which is just evil.

Mind you, the puddings were good.

Then Kate and I escaped before the dancing started. With my aversion to dancing, and Kate’s gammy leg, we’re not likely to hit the dance floor. Still, it was good to get out, and meet a few of Kate’s aquarobics chums.

Poll #1671179 Dancing

When attending an event that includes dancing, do you look forward to the dancing with…


And do you dance…

Not at all

We listened to Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell on the way home. Quite my favourite Sabbath album; Dio is the Sabbath singer for me.

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I have filled the poll in as though I didn't have a gammy leg (or two).

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