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Defined by a negative
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Barr’s are dropping Diet Irn Bru — in a rebranding exercise, it is going to called Sugar-Free Irn Bru. As with many of the juices on supermarket shelves, the word “diet” is viewed as old-fashioned, and the phrase “no added sugar” has taken its place. Which makes some sense, but it does mean that we’re defining the drink in terms of the one thing that it doesn’t contain.

Similarly, the vegetarian breakfast at Morrisons café is called a Meat Free Platter. The only mixed breakfast on their menu that doesn’t contain meat is the only one with “meat” in its name.

It seems a bit backwards.

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You've been living in Scotland too long. Irn-Bru isn't a juice!


Isn't Irn Bru made from girder juice?

So I have always understood. :-)

However, it might be more correct to call it an ale.

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