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Spotify invitations
I have twelve spare invitations to “Spotify Free”. Would anyone like one? (Valid in UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands.)

Comparison of Spotify plans at https://www.spotify.com/uk/get-spotify/overview/ — the invitation-based Spotify Free plan is like the basic Spotify Open plan, but isn’t limited to 20 hours of listening per month.

Follow me on Spotify

I’ll need to know an email address to send an invitation to.

Edited to add: all the invitations have gone now!

Spotify Invite

I want an invitation

jsamuelj at gmail dot com

Re: Spotify Invite


Re: Spotify Invite (Anonymous) Expand


abelbour2k yahoo com
Thanks a lot

Invitation sent.

Re: Please (Anonymous) Expand

Thanks for sharing!

emanuel australsp com

Re: Thanks for sharing!

Invitation sent.

I'd love one, thanks

rominaed at hotm...

Re: I'd love one, thanks

Invitation sent.

sam.ahumada gmail.com

samuel.ahumada at usach.cl

cuatro05 gmail
Thank you!



i wish i had one!!!

mymail: kike_86@msn.com

Invitation sent.


thank you!!!

i want an account invitation plzz
mail: Rasd_89 at gmail dot com

Hi, I want an account invitation please.
Mail: emir_eo17@hotmail.com
Thank You!!


Hi, I want an account invitation please.
mail: teik12@hotmail.com

Invitation sent.

hey! Please!


thanks! :D

Invitation sent.

Dear Toby,

You are an angel! :)

I would really appreciate if you sent me an invitation.

My email address is: maria_luna_82@hotmail.com

The biggest thank you!

Best regards,

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Is there any invitation left for me? Thanks in any case!
Mail: htmlvector@yahoo.es

Sorry, they’re all gone now.