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Pink Lady
We get through a lot of apples. Beth’s favourite is a Pink Lady, which is one of the pricier supermarket apples. kateaw munches her way through bags of Braeburns or Royal Galas. Personally, I prefer a Cox or a Russet.

Sometimes I eat an orange.

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I love Russets. Sadly, you don't see them in Scotland very much.

They appear for a while each year in the Morrisons in St Andrews. We don’t have a great selection of supermarkets in this small town, and I’m not fond of paying farm-shop prices for apples, so we eat what the bean-counters at Morrisons HQ deign to make available.

Sometimes I eat an orange.

You dangerous radical, you!

I generally go for Royal Gala.

Yes we know you like Apple(s) ;)

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