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We lunched at Littlejohns.

ormsweird, hobbitomm, and toddler Eve, were in town, and we were also joined by zephyravictrix, e_halmac, scrivener13, and meepfrog. The company was excellent, and the food was better than I remembered from our previous visits.

Kate’s main course was ridiculously small — I was astonished that they would try to charge £9 for a small bowl of pasta in tomato sauce — but they happily provided a supplemental portion.

On the way home Beth and I walked along the beach in grey, miserable rain. It was good to be out by the sea, and even better to get home and warm and dry.

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Ugh, that web site does not make me want to go there.

A pretty awful web site! But it has the redeeming features of being navigable on the iPhone, having the contact details available, and having a moderately sized PDF menu for download.

Far too many restaurant websites are Flash-only, which is unviewable on most mobile devices. I’ve come across PDF menus that were so large as to be undownloadable over the mobile network.

Many sites just don't consider mobile use at all, even since the advent of the iPhone, so I'm not surprised.

But it's possible to create nice sites that are still mobile friendly. It's one of those things that companies (and many developers) just aren't interested in - until they realise too late that they've missed a trick and demand it NOW!

Is it so hard to work out that when people look at a restaurant web site, they want to see the location, opening times, phone number, and menu? Anything else is just candy floss.

The people making the financial investment are usually heavily emotionally invested in the candy floss.

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