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Afternoon tea
Pink cake
Off to the Fairmont for afternoon tea. Five of us: zephyravictrix, ormsweird, kateaw, Beth, and me. From past experience, their afternoon teas — at £13.95 — are impressively large and excellent in quality. In preparation, we had a mid-morning brunch at home before heading up to the Fairmont spa for a swim; a good way to build an appetite.

So we were jolly hungry when we got to Kittocks Den at 3pm. In expectation of a mountain of sarnies, and more cakes that we could eat, with leftovers to take home, we ordered five afternoon teas. After a ponderous wait, a rather measly three-tier plate arrived. After complaining about the number of sandwiches, the server brought us a second plate of sarnies, and brought us a fifth scone as there were originally only four.

It was a snack rather than a meal. The food was excellent, but we felt that standards had certainly slipped in terms of value for money.

Until we received the bill. It turned out that the waitress had assumed their afternoon teas serve two (as opposed to being a hearty meal for one), and had assumed that Beth would share from ours rather than wanting a portion to herself. So we ate and paid for two afternoon teas, rather than the expected five.

Next time I must make myself clearer when ordering…