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Washing machine woes
Our washing machine made an ominously loud clunk on Friday, and Kate had to deal with it throwing the trip switch and leaving a puddle on the floor. An engineer is due to visit on Wednesday morning, so hopefully the support contract will fix it. Again. But the washer dryer is nearly thirteen years old — bought when I moved into this house in August 1998 — and has been somewhat unreliable in recent years, so I think it might be time to think about a new washing machine. (We have a tumble dryer now, so don’t need a washer dryer this time.)

I bought an oven and a fridge freezer at the same time as the washer dryer; they are both still going strong. I suppose washing machines are more likely to fail than other white goods: electricity and water are a combination asking for trouble.

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I think we have support contracts on several of our kitchen appliances, but the washing machine is the only one that we call an engineer out for. Regularly!

In addition to the electricity/water combination, a washing machine has more moving parts (motors / pumps) and is subject to considerable wear and tear through vibration (spin cycle...) so I think it's hardly surprising if they fail more frequently.

I've had to replace the washer-dryer and more recently the dishwasher in my flat in London, that were both of a similar vintage.

I got a replacement on my washer-dryer of about that age a year back.
It broke down and the part needing replacement is no longer made, so insurance got me a new machine.
Repair guy told me I was lucky it happened then, since they weren't renewing policies on that model cos parts were impossible to get.
Def time to ponder a new machine before that happens to you

That was me..sorry :>


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