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Sporting weekend
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby

I was going to write something about the March for the Alternative, but I think Dizzy sums up my thinking:

“Today a small minority of people, many of whom pay little tax, will converge on London to demand more money earned by those not present be spent on them, with added call for more money we don’t have to be borrowed and spent on them.”

So instead I’ll look forward to a weekend of sport. Currently watching the F1 qualifying, recorded earlier this morning. Now in HD! And no Jonathan Legard! Gosh, how Auntie Beeb spoils us.

And looking forward to the Boat Race this afternoon. Kate grew up in Mortlake, near the end of the race, so I suppose it was her local sporting event. Watching the coverage gives a view of London that is very different from what we see in TV dramas, or from arriving by train at Kings X. Following the river gives us a slice of history and of the natural world through a very urban environment.

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