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Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Happy census day, everybody!

We’ve just filled in our census. Well, Kate filled it in online, with me looking over her shoulder and being generally “helpful”. Smooth and easy.

We’re now part of a historical record.

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A historical record nobody will ever see.
To quote from the briefing we received on the census -
"Only aggregated information is ever published and nothing will be released that could identify any individual."
"Furthermore the census forms are permanently closed. No researchers will be permitted access to individual forms at any time in the future, this is in leglisation."

Personal information will be released after 100 years, as with all the censuses in living memory. At least, that is the case in Scotland, England, and Wales. Is it different in NI?

Dunno to be honest.
There only are two full census returns for the whole of Ireland (1901 and 1911). No census was done in 1921 and only bits, if any, survive of the 1821/31/41/51/61/71/81/91 census`s.
Things could well be different over here given the ongoing security situation.

Looks like special rules may apply in NI:

“In Northern Ireland, under the provision of the Census Act (NI) 1969 as amended by the Census (Confidentiality) (Northern Ireland) Order 1991, census records in Northern Ireland remain permanently closed.”
- http://help.census.gov.uk/ni/help/help-and-information/AbouttheCensus/PrivacyandSecurity/

Bet that`ll wind up future genealogists.
As if the Four Courts getting shelled in '22 and PRONI getting hit in the Belfast blitz didn`t make it bad enough.

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