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Bent bumper

Poor Kate and Beth were involved in a minor accident this afternoon. While waiting for a bus to pass in Lundin Links, a VW hit the back of our stationary BMW. Luckily neither Kate nor Beth suffered significant injury, although they both have aching backs.

The car, while drivable, is somewhat bent at the back. Direct Line were very helpful on the phone; we should get a visit from a mechanic tomorrow to organise repairs.

Beth was very upset that she had split her slushy in the accident, all over herself and over the back seat.

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Glad they're OK(ish), and hope they feel more comfortable soon.

After a visit to the doctor today, they are both sore, but reassured that it will get better with time.

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Gosh, yes, I hope Kate doesn’t become allergic to the road from St Andrews through Lundin Links and Leven — it’s our usual way to drive to Kirkcaldy.

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