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Car update
green jacket
I rang Direct Line this evening to get an update. Having spent 15 mins on hold yesterday on their regular 0845 number, resenting every second that I was paying to listen to the scratchy music, I was delighted that http://www.saynoto0870.com/ could provide an 0800 equivalent. Calls to 0800 are free on Skype, and just to reinforce my happiness, I was only on hold for a minute this time.

The other party’s insurance company has contacted our insurer, and so things can progress. Our car should be collected at some point this week by Direct Line’s preferred “local” garage, which is forty miles away in Perth.

We’ll have a hire car for the duration; it is due to be delivered tomorrow. As our claim is against the other party’s insurer, Direct Line have arranged a “like for like” hire car. They’re giving us an Audi A6. I don’t know much about the Audi range, but I assume it will be quite pleasant.

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(Deleted comment)
It seems that garages in Dundee aren’t fit to work for insurance companies!

The irony is, my mother's car is being repaired in Dundee right now, because that insurer has no approved repairer in Perth! (This is Kwik Fit, or rather Fortis, whose policies they resell.)

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