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On the beach

What a lovely day to live near a beach.

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What a great spot!

Edited at 2011-04-09 03:48 pm (UTC)

The water was jolly cold!

Did you get any shots of crabs or other shellfish?

No. I’m not particularly interested in the animal world, so they’re not something I’d point a camera at.

It was lovely bright and sunny today. The blue sky doesn’t really show in the photo.

It's been brilliant sunshine all around the UK recently! Are you a vegetarian btw?

Yes, have been a vegetarian since August 1995. (Just woke up one day and decided that I wouldn't eat any more meat, as I'd never enjoyed it.)

Sorry for the controvercial question but do you just ignore the presence of animal life?

Not particularly; I just find much more interest in pointing my camera at people (or at man-made structures).

(Having attended the local photography club for a year some time ago, I grew deadly bored of viewing yet another landscape or nature photograph - it was all people seemed to photograph.)

So I'm guessing that you'd be happy living in a Metropolis and never see the natural world for real ever again?

No! I like being near the sea. But the natural world is just the background for people.

Definitely happiest in a small town, though - where people and places are familiar.

WADR The natural world would work much better without humans defacing it. Towns and Cities will crumble & fall but Planet Earth will still be here in all it's glorious beauty long after Mankind is extinct. It deserves our upmost reverence!

As soon as we hit the school holidays, St Andrews came alive. There are so many holiday-makers in town — the playground near the beach has been buzzing with lots of children the last couple of weeks.

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