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Saturday morning
Kate is in Kent, and Beth is in Spain. I’m alone this morning, with just a cooked breakfast, a mug of tea, and the Chinese F1 qualifying to watch.

Andrew is coming around for lunch. I’ve got dough rising at the moment, so we’ll have fresh bread. We’ll be having a ploughman’s; double gloucester is today’s cheese of choice, and beetroot pickle to go with it.

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For the past year Double Gloucester has been my cheese of choice. I'll be having it with crackers, cold ham and some mustard in..uh..well now actually :)

I’m keen on British non-cheddar hard cheeses. There is so much variety in taste and texture; it is a pity that so many cheeses are just another cheddar.

Red leicester and double gloucester are among my favourites. Not so keen on the acidy, crumbly cheeses like wensleydale or crumbly lancashire, but Kate rather likes those.

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