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I posted my proxy vote application this morning. I’ll be away in London on election day, so Kate will be voting for me.

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(Deleted comment)
I understand the convenience of postal votes — particularly in your case — but I have a suspicion that widespread use of postal votes would distort the democratic process, as people would vote before the end of the campaign.

Not to mention that postal voting is wide open to fraud, and has been abused even in the UK. It's important for some, and I wouldn't want to actually see it go, but I'm very dubious of attempts to popularise it. You should have it if you need it - otherwise, get yourself down to the polling station.

I really like that voting is a physical act, located in the community it relates to. Paper and pencil, and attending the polling station in person, are fundamental to connecting voters to our democracy.

Never done that before (proxy that is, I've been voting for 30+ years).

Now how can I abuse it...

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