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Kate is out at her Monday-night class, and Beth is in bed. So I’m taking to opportunity to watch Halloween H20, the late-90s instalment in the Halloween series. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember much about it. Jamie Lee Curtis is ok; the rest of the film less so. It all serves to emphasise how good the original Carpenter Halloween was.

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I seem to remember enjoying it in a 'mildly bad horror movie' kind of way.
Also her having a son with a strong 'I am entitled' attitude which I found sad

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It was a very short film. Only 80 minutes or so. Only kiddies' cartoons should be that short!.

Last time I watched it was shortly after it was released, and I didn't know who Josh Hartnett was. Now, it is interesting looking back at his first film. Still not convinced he's much of an actor, though.

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