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Suckling pig
We have a suckling pig on order, due to arrive on Thursday morning. Looking forward to cooking it on Saturday night.

I wonder what we’ll call this one? I feel that when cooking something with a face, it is only polite to give it a name. How else can one have a sensible conversation?

This is Henry, the last one that we cooked, pictured with Andrew back in 2002 in Paisley:

Suckling pig

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I remember Henry well. A fine young pig.
And so fashionable with his silver ear and snout muffs!

I think I don't look that bad!

You look better than the pig ;)

Good old Henry! I, too, remember him well. Kate, you don't know what you're missing.

/still need a bacon icon

Yes I do. I've had sucking pig before and it is nasty. You are all welcome to my share :)

/still don't need a bacon icon ;)

Nom nom nom!

Was it Henry's belly I had to teach Qidane to suture closed? ;)

Yes, that's right. And I can still remember how to do it!

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