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From Curling to iPad
The World Junior Curling Championships were held in Perth in March this year. As one of the sponsors of the event, my employer paid for some IT work, including web site design, implementation, and hosting. I spend some time working on the web site; I received payment for this work a couple of days ago. And it just happened to be about the same as the cost of an iPad 2.

When I got into work today, Alison showed me her brand-new iPad 2, and technological temptation overcame me. So my iPad 2 is now on order from Apple. (It will take a couple of weeks, but I thought it was worth ordering directly from Apple as they'll engrave my name on the back.)

The last new computer I bought for myself was my MacBook Pro, back in mid-2006. I'd thought about replacing it a few years ago, and for a while planned to get a MacBook Air like kateaw's, but the iPad looks like the perfect portable computer for me.