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Henrietta Dunstan
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
We had a fine time at the weekend, away at Dunstan Hall in Northumbria. We felt rather cut off, as there was no mobile phone signal in the house.

The suckling pig worked well. In honour of Henry, the suckling pig that Andrew cooked back in 2002, Beth decided that this one should be named Henrietta, and it was obvious that her surname should be Dunstan (named after both the hall we were staying in and, by coincidence, the Cheshire-based butcher that supplied the pig).

Oiling the pig:

Foiling the pig:

Roasting the pig:

Serving the pig:

(Photos taken by Kate)

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She looks a fine mate for young Henry.

(Deleted comment)
Beth was disappointed that she couldn’t have a slice of bacon from the pig. She hadn’t realised that bacon involved processing the meat.

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