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Happiness is a new computer

Time to say goodbye to my creaky old MacBook Pro. My iPad arrived today, and it is lovely. This is the first new computer I’ve bought for myself since the MBP in 2006. I’m delighted that many of my commonly-used iPhone apps are enhanced for the iPad, and some of the iPad-specific apps are amazing (who needs games when one can play with GarageBand?).

I subscribed to the Daily Telegraph app; I’m addicted to the crossword, and this is much easier than their web-based puzzle subscription, which I’ve used up until now.

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Anything your mother can do eh?

I was trouble shooting for her today :)

Using your hard-core iOS skillz!

If only I knew what that meant I might be able to answer.

I did utilise the DT.

Have you had a Face Time call with it yet?

He tried, I declined it ;)

Have you got an iPad2 as well or was it an iPhone 4?

How often do you use Face Time?

Not that often as we live together :) Currently I'm away staying with his parents and we have used it a couple of times over today and yesterday.

I only declined the last one as I'm sharing a room with my daughter and she's asleep.

My mother-in-law has used a few times to call me since she now has a iPad.

I think it's good to use if you're relative lives a distance away! Have you used it with anyone in another country yet?

Have regularly videod to my parents when they’re at their flat in Spain, with iChat for years and FaceTime more recently. Works well.

Yes! I’m used to using FaceTime on my iPhone, and now it will be my primary video chat app, replacing my use of iChat AV on the Mac. Most of my family have FaceTime-capable devices now, and most of my video calls are with family.

Do you think video calling is finally coming of age or just an Apple device fad? Most people I speak to with other smartphones that are capable of that function almost never use it!

Well, I'm used to using video calls on my Mac, and have done so for years. Maybe that is because Macs have had cameras, and the software has just worked.

Skype's video isn't bad, too, and I use that occasionally for work, particularly when I’m working at home.

Maybe the question should be why other devices offer such a poor user experience in their software that none of their users can be bothered to make video calls?

Edited at 2011-05-31 10:34 pm (UTC)

I really think most folk can't see the need to make video calls most of the time even it was as easy as on an iPhone4/iPad2 on every device. I really thought by now it would be as popular as texting is!

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