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Whistling, whirring machinery
The Scottish Gas boiler repair man was due between 8am and 1pm today.

He hasn’t arrived yet.

Update: …and the engineer turned up at 4.30pm.

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Scottish Gas time-travel

They offer a "same-day" repair plan, too. In the advert, calling by lunchtime gets them the same day; in reality, you call on a Friday, they'll show up sometime on Monday. That made last winter "interesting" as headed for -20...

(To cap it all, the problem turned out to be their own installation error - then last September they offered to fix it properly for an extra £140 so it wouldn't break down again this winter.)

Re: Scottish Gas time-travel

The odd noises from the boiler only started after the annual service a couple of weeks ago. Wondering a neighbour’s cat crept in while he had the front off the boiler!

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