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Passcodes grrr
Connecting my phone and iPad to the work Exchange system means that certain security policies are specified by the server. I grudgingly accept this. (I resent work having any sort of control over my iPad, but being able to work on the iPad is useful, so I put up with it.)

Today my passcode expired, so I had to change it on both devices. And I’ve spent the day typing the wrong passcode. Again and again. Grrr.

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I have to change my password every month.

I get it wrong by reflex for at least a day afterwards, if not 2-3.

I don’t have such a problem with passwords when typed on a keyboard — I think my brain is involved in the process of typing — but passcodes tapped on a screen get me every time.

Same problem here - plus with my Japan iPhone and Good, I seem to have two perpetually out of sync, 8 character (at least one symbol or number), passwords to type.

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