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Badger sporran
After seeing one in a picture on the dining room wall in Meikle Ascog on Bute, I'm rather taken by the idea of a badger-head sporran. kateaw isn't so impressed.




Thankfully I haven't found anywhere in the UK that sells them, so I'm not as tempted as I could be...

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Sporrans with heads

I think they're horrid unless its a fake fur one of Snoopy or Garfield or maybe Basil Brush!

Re: Sporrans with heads

who's Basil Brush?

Re: Sporrans with heads

Basil Brush is a great British cultural icon.


I think it would be funny to have a Basil Brush sporran made with real fox fur. But maybe that is just me...

Re: Sporrans with heads

Yes - it's just you

Re: Sporrans with heads






Yeeeeeees... welll...

I'm not surprised, and rather glad, to be honest, that you can't get them in the UK, we don't have quite the hunting culture that the Americans do.
The Bazil Brush fake fur idea I like though.

Re: Yeeeeeees... welll...

Apparently several of the Highland regiments use badger-head sporrans in their dress uniforms, so they must be available somewhere in the UK. I suspect a trawl around the highland-dress shops of Edinburgh would discover some interesting sporrans.

Possession and sale of badgers and their fur is controlled by law, so its important to keep the receipt so that legal provenance can be shown.

my brother the disturbed individual

wouldn't you be worried that basil would wake up and bite your nackers off? Simillar fear with the badger. i think it has to be a bad move in general ...

Re: my brother the disturbed individual

As long as the head is worn on the outside of the sporran, I think I'd be safe. And kilts are made of good thick wool, so they would offer a little protection.

hmm. in retrospect, the open mouth bobcat is definitely the scariest.

I thought the Arctic Fox looked quite excellent. I also found a website that had a sporran made from skunk fur:

I've seen some in shops that look like furballs - rather like tribbles. I like the idea of a tribble sporran.

No sporrans made from stoats, alas.

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