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End of holiday
A week and a half off work. Kate and I started with a drive down to my parents in Nottingham, where we caught up with Beth after her holiday in Spain. She is getting used to her annual holiday with her grand-parents. 

We spent the first weekend with friends for our “Frogmarch” holiday. This time it was at White Lodge Farm, near Hingham in Norfolk. As usual I spent much of the weekend cooking. Very satisfying. Wonder where we’ll go next year?


Then we had a few days back in Nottingham, where I had great fun driving about in father’s new Discovery. And we had a great family dinner out at the May Sum Chinese buffet in the centre of town.  Loads of good veggie food; might become a regular destination.


On Thursday we came home to St Andrews, driving in our new car: a red Volvo XC70, which replaces the grey BMW 530d. Easy comfortable driving, a few years younger, better fuel economy, and it isn’t grey. What isn’t to love?

The last few days have been filled with eBaying, and watching Relic Hunter on Netflix. This evening we watched the Bahrain F1 (only the highlights, boo hiss BBC) — I know they have to edit it down, but I wish they would show the full prize giving instead of ending the prog with interview after tedious interview. 

Our next family holiday will be a week in Bute at the end of June, to mark my 40th birthday. 

Back to work tomorrow. Wonder what will be waiting for me.