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Waiting for my ADSL to migrate to a new provider today. Wondering if I’ll have any down-time.
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It depends if BT are involved at any stage of the proceedings, I guess. If not, you might be ok. Good luck.

Hopefully BT are nowhere near the changeover, as I move from Be’s LLU to a reseller of Be’s LLU.

Nope, I didn't get anything back from posting that comment. Looks like you're offline. ;-)

cheztoby.atkin-wright.com is alive

Not a bad connection, despite being connected via a router named c.gormless.thn.aa.net.uk!

I've always liked most aspects of A&A, particularly their mobile services, though per-gigabyte traffic charges put me off - the 10 Gb/unit on Be lines helps, but Be aren't one of the 4 ISPs having unbundled the Perth exchange (ESPER) so far...

Native IPv6 swung it for me. Wanted to be on IPv6 before the World IPv6 Launch on 6 June. (And yes, having Be LLU helped a lot!)

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