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Boats on the TV

Sitting at home, watching boats and pageantry on the television, with a plate of scones with jam and clotted cream in front of me. Mmm. A fine Sunday afternoon.

If only the BBC would stop cutting away to their studio, I’d be even happier. Give us pictures of boats and a knowledgeable commentary, and fewer anecdotes, conversations, interviews, and analyses.

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I see that you take your cream tea in the Cornish style, not the Devonian...

(Deleted comment)
The true scientific approach is to put the more viscous of the two on the bottom, and that depends on the type of jam and cream you are provided with.

The only real way to approach this is to experiment…

There is a high degree of probability that it was scones and Jam and cream (Oh My ) that put The Bloke in hospital!

Sulk Sulk!!

Well, I do remember The Bloke once lying on the floor groaning and asking if it was possible to die from a cream tea. It seems the answer is nearly!

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