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Shopping for a guitar
Beth had her first guitar lesson at school last week. She is keen to play an electric guitar, but her teacher prefers to teach on an acoustic. So off we went to Dundee today, to let Beth try out some 3/4-size guitars.

After a few options, we found a Tanglewood acoustic travel-size guitar, which Beth felt very comfortable with. So she got to walk back to the car with her new guitar on her back. It seems like a nice little guitar for £99.


To satiate her desire for an electric guitar, I’ve put a couple of bids on 3/4-size electric guitars on eBay (a Squier mini strat, and an Epiphone Les Paul Express). Beth tells me that her electric guitar needs to be black — she is very definite on the issue! Let’s see what we end up with.

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you should come visit some time, I'll show her a few things :)

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