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O2 Moments

After a service outage back in July (which I didn’t notice at the time), O2 has given its customers a £10 voucher to spend in O2 shops during September. To use it, I downloaded the O2 Moments app, which lists various offers that companies offer to O2 customers. I expected to find nothing else of interest, but it turns out that Millie’s Cookies give four free cookies via the app.

So we went to the Overgate Centre in Dundee yesterday, collected our cookies (kateaw, qidane, and I all have phones on O2, so twelve free cookies), and then on to the O2 shop where I spent my voucher on a thumb drive. Which is so small it is more like a thumb-nail drive.


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Qualifying for O2 moments

Fortunately, while O2 have now updated the iPhone app to distinguish between Giffgaff (their own cut-price brand) and official O2 SIMs, merely inserting a free O2 PAYG SIM occasionally (each version upgrade, I think?) is apparently enough to keep the app active.

All the reseller customers got was a 10% bonus on topups applied in the week following the outage - not really much of a benefit!

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