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500 years… 600 years… anniversaries in 2013
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
Between the ages of eight and eighteen (from 1980–90), I attended Nottingham High School. I was the third generation of my family to go to the school, following my father and grandfather. Founded in 1513 by Dame Agnes Mellers, the school will be celebrating its 500th anniversary next year. There will be a series of events; I’m wondering whether to travel down to Nottingham to attend one or more of them, particularly the reunion weekend in mid-June.

Between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, (from 1990–93), I attended the University of St Andrews. I was the first generation of my family to go to university, and I liked St Andrews so much that I’ve chosen to spend my life here. Founded in 1413, the university will be celebrating its 600th anniversary next year. There will be a series of events; no doubt I’ll be going to several of them.

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I’ve not been along to any ON events. I happily avoid anything sporty, and (based on my experience with university alumni) I expect the other events to be attended primarily by pensioners; on that basis I’ll grow into them.

I suppose any alumni association tends to run events based on the type of people who have the enthusiasm or time to be on the committee, which rules out most people of working age unless they have a compelling reason (such as a sporting interest).

But the open weekend looks moderately tempting.

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