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Planning a trip to London
Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
I’ll be working out of my employer’s London office for the week from Monday 3 to Friday 7 December. While I’m busy on the Friday night, the rest of my evenings in Shoreditch are free; would anyone like to meet me for dinner somewhere nearby?

Sadly the slightly potty vegan restaurant called Saf, which was just along from the company flat on Curtain Road, appears to have closed. They specialised in vegan nut cheeses, and raw food. Had a fine meal there a couple of years ago.

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The only evening that week I am around is Tuesday the fourth... Have work dinners/drinks otherwise and will be heading up to Shropshire on Friday evening. Hence if you fancy catching up Tuesday evening that could work.

Ate late week at Les Trois Garçons in that area ( http://www.lestroisgarcons.com/restaurant/menu.html ) but not sure they are great on vegetarian options. Interesting interior and good food otherwise.

Let’s make a plan for Tuesday 4 December, then, with the venue to be decided. Will be good to see you.

Les Trois Garçons is conveniently close to where I’ll be; I think I must have pretty much walked past it while returning from Brick Lane the last time I was in London. The menu is an entertaining read, but not much to meet my dietary preferences. Tend to have better luck finding veggie food on Asian or Italian menus, although I’m open to suggestions.

Not great, yet, on London restaurants

If you have somewhere you like the look of or are interested in going - happy to go along with you. My knowledge of places that meet your dietary preferences is likely to be pretty poor at present.

Re: Not great, yet, on London restaurants

I see that there's quite a cluster of Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road. Not sure I've ever eaten Vietnamese before. What about giving one of these a go?


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